The original Oak Orchard Lighthouse The original Oak Orchard Harbor Light House (right) stood on the west side of the Oak Orchard River, along with the keeper’s house between 1871 and 1916. The keepers house, now a private residence, remains intact on Archbald Road, at Oak Orchard on the Lake.

In 1867 a grant of $87,000.00 was made to the port. Two piers, each approximately, 1,000 feet in length, the lighthouse, the keeper’s house, and an elevated walk over one of the piers to the lighthouse were constructed by 1871. Once completed, this structure was recorded as U.S. Light List Number 2365, and was visible for nine miles.

The square pyramidal lighthouse rested on the north end of the west pier, stood over 32 feet tall, was constructed of wood, and the lantern of iron. Wooden ship ladder steps led to a landing, which housed the light. The first floor of the lighthouse was fitted with a locker, a closet with hooks and shelves, and a work table. The second floor housed two lockers and a bunk. The lantern was one floor above and was constructed of boiler plate steel. It could be accessed by a ladder from the second floor.

View the archived Oak Orchard Lighthouse description at the US Lighthouse Society’s website.

The piers were maintained until 1905 when they were abandoned by the US Government. During a storm in 1914, a large hole was washed through the west pier. Another storm On December 23, 1916 swept away the lighthouse and what remained of the piers.

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Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum Timeline