Spring 2012 News & Notes, Upcoming Events for 2012

Written By: Peg - Apr• 23•12

Personalized bricks at the Oak Orchard LighthouseSpring 2012 has been exciting, as the Memorial Walkway has been completed at the Oak Orchard Lighthouse site. Almost 500 personalized bricks were installed among the more than 5000 bricks making up the circular walkway, installed by Monarch Lawn & Landscape LLC, Brockport NY.

The Memorial Walkway reminds us of the circle of life, and how important the footsteps we leave are to history and to our future.

If you missed out on having a personalized brick installed, it’s not too late. You can still order your brick to be engraved with a name, special thought or memory. Click “gift shop” at the top of the page, or “shop” at the bottom.

Planning is in progress for the Children’s Peace Garden at the site. The garden will feature native derived plant varieties beneficial to wildlife, especially migratory birds who make their way to our shores each spring and fall.

Coming in the near future will be the Compass Rose, integrated into the Memorial Walkway and crafted of Medina Sandstone and blue and white granite. Four Medina Sandstone benches crafted by George Graham, an internationally known stone crafter who resides in Oakfield, NY, will surround the compass rose. Further encompassing the compass rose will be the following line, engraved:

“The Silent Sea Was All Aflame, The Day Was All But Done, And Resting On The Western Shore, The Perfect Setting Sun.”

…a popular version of a line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.

The Compass Rose is estimated to cost $25,000-$35,000. If you are interested in sponsorship of this stand-out element at the Oak Orchard Lighthouse site, please contact Dick Anderson at dick@oakorchardlighthouse.org.

Oak Orchard Lighthouse Day will be held this year on August 4th, in conjunction with International Lighthouse Weekend. Food, crafts, visiting and fun will highlight the day. More to come on that.

The Annual Oak Orchard Lighthouse Dinner will be held on August 18th, at the Haines ‘Very Big Cottage’ right next to the lighthouse site. The theme this year will be Summer Swing, commemorating the ‘Fabulous 40′s’. Frank Penna will again be catering the event, and swing music will be provided by the “Sophisticats”. If you would like an invitation to this event, please contact dick@oakorchardlighthouse.org.

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